Are there any new /future/ genres I don't know about?

| Futurefunk futurebass you know.

| Fucking annoying thread
How can anyone know what you don't know about if we don't even know that which you know about
You made me type 159 letters for this

| Rockfunk

| Would Chiptune be considered a future genre? Chiptune songs are often aimed at the future...

| >>801337
Isn't chiptune meant to sound like something from the past?

| >>801639 I mean the soundfont yeah, but not the themes

| shutter rock

| east country

| Noise ambient

| I love sexcore.

| noise rock

| generalized rock

| cybergrind

| cybercountry

| quantum rock!

| techno ballad?

| Nintendocore

| Breakbeat

| brokenrock

| silverlake

| chaosocean

| Sovietwave

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