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Post what you're listening to right now

| Lol

| No

| Ploho - Красить стены

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7LcYvL7p7M

| Fearofdark's newly remastered album Motorway

| Empty room and sound from radiator.. my life is pathetic

| No, I will not post what I am listening to right now.

| >>792818 Fuck you.

| My Only Chance - Toxic Avenger

| The sound of a brush going in tiny circles on my teeth

| https://soundcloud.com/wef/crank-that-kart-64

| Time Flies - Porcupine Tree

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHqm7iVhtEI

| No Pain, No Game - nano

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13HM-bmKW2U

Yes, I'm a mainstream fag. Sue me.


| The entire Nujabes - Departure album

| >>794383 neat vis


| Boogie by Brockhampton.

Takyon by Death Grips.

Don't Touch by Full Tac feat Lil Mariko.

Hannah Montana by Poshlaja Molly (Kyoresu cover).

Cream by Platinum Doug.

Feels Just Right by Sunset City.

Pallet by Mikanzil (PSYQUI).

Barrett's Privateers's rendition by Stan Rogers.

Polish Spinning Toilet song.

The Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge OST.

| Soul Tamashek in Music From Saharan Cellphones 2

| Kælan Mikla's new album, Undir Köldum Norðurljósum

| На заре

| https://soundcloud.com/errifiedish/better-off-walking-on-the-sun

| Music like this - she

| Beverly_Hills_Cop_Theme.midi

| The Rainbow Goblins by Masahashi Takanaka

(goblin goblin goblin goblin goblin)

| https://youtu.be/kvzxEyiF090

| https://youtu.be/mrOAyhvNJTw

| Currently also listening to this band called The Gentle Men. Their music is pretty sick. Heard the lead singer starred in the Hunger Games, too.

| >>796410 Good taste.

| Boyrgurl - Freescha, sounds like autechre

>>795608 oh shit im feelin it https://youtu.be/61YwFHn-SFE

| >>796410 this is bomb, is there somewhere I could download it?

| >>797891
you are noob

| https://youtu.be/E5Tm8Rjy4F4

| >>797891
Just use a YouTube downloader site, extension, or userscript lol.

Btw, I highly recommend listening to The White Goblin if you loved The Rainbow Goblins--it's a fantastic & gritty finale to the series.

(goblin goblin goblin goblin)

| https://soundcloud.com/maki-ligon-deez-nutz/among-us-drip-eurobeat-remix

| https://dickdale.bandcamp.com/album/surfers-choice

| Sure here's the link:


The site is down so it's just silence

| Jeep Blues by Duke Ellington

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7quGQi_JMjE

| https://youtu.be/xNCT4AZ0mUI

| New Be'lakor album. on the last track.. pretty standard from them

| https://soundcloud.com/zukesers/scatman-pon-refreshed

| https://youtu.be/CLeYCGvHMaU

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCpcroErn1w

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