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Let's play a lil' game

| greetings and welcome. i want to play a game. post the name of weird music genres (it can be real or made up).

reply to a post if you think that the posted genre is fake. if the genre turns out to be real, you have to post proof (songs, videos, etc.)

sorry for my grammer and let the games begin.

i'll start with a couple genres...

| progressive dreamfunk

| ocean grunge

| emotronica

| power electronics

| macarenacore

| today's poop core

| Fluid Dream 'n Bass

| >>790469 I think that one may be exists

| Lullasynth.

| Seacore.

| >>790474
heh. i guess it's doesn't exist. i know about liquid dnb, but never heard about fluid

| this one is tricky: cuddlecore

| post italo

| fastcore

| slowstyle

| fight pop

| >>790482
i'd say doesn't exist, but i'm interested in the mental process behind this

doesn't exist. too bland.

| >>790502 https://youtu.be/z2JEOIvwg3M
I remember ages ago finding this artist before they ended up yeeting all their brony stuff when they tried to become more official which was all their early work. Alot of musical artists did that when they came out of their brony phase. So much lost music and beautiful melodies all because they were "cringy". People describe lullasynth like a mix of lullabies and synth. Really since to just chill to. People might consider it lo-fi these days.

| After some research people would not consider this lo-fi in the slightest. Entirely different genre.

| >>790501 I want to listen to fight pop.


| >>790502 Cyan Hardcore by Machine Girl is definitely smth you can call seacore but I doubt it's actually the term used

| >>790525 Damn, I didn't know that would sound good but it's really good! Soothing, lively and peaceful!

| >>790532
Dananananaykroyd from the UK, they self describe as fight pop in their wikipedia page. the video kicks ass too

| >>790502
Might have meant seapunk? That was definitely a thing.

| shitcore

| cum&dance

| shitpunk

| Erotic Drum&Base

| MC Hippityhop

| DJ Shithole

| >>790622

| >>790649 oh I thought it is about weird artist names as well, sorru

| Does anybody know if something like "CyberCountry" as a musical genre exists?

| >>790666 there is a song playing on radio in Cyberpunk 2077, "So it goes" bh Fingers&Outlaws. It's country and gives cyberpunk vibes. So I guess it can be counted as Cybercountry

| >>790618 shitcore is a genre already

| >>790668 so you're a shitcore fan? Name every song

| >>790652
idk, there are some weird ass artist names out there too. check DJ Fuck or Cock and Ball Torture (metal band?)

| >>790679 truuu

| Okay I went through this list and wtf is poopcore

| >>790482 Lullasynth... May exist. https://soundcloud.com/cx330

| >>790498 Italo-Disco is Italian disco, and Italy still exists as a country, so there can be no post italo until Italy dies

| >>790875
ok, this is going to be very aurtistic. there is this chiptune / post-rock thing called infinity shred (aka starscream), and it literally said "Post-Italo future shredders" in their old bandcamp description (not anymore), go check it here https://web.archive.org/web/20120526183730/http://infinityshred.bandcamp.com/

the name sounds very cool but idk what it means. doesn't sound like italodisco at all

| favela funk

| ghetto tech

| tweemo

| controversial: 5th wave emo. really. it's a fake genre, sounds the same as 4th wave for me

| >>790875
>she believes Italy existed in the first place
Oh boy howdy, have we got a lot of the iceberg to reveal to you...

| Animr

| pomf pomf, kimochi, what's this sticky stuff on me

| sofacore

| Fakerwave

| Ligmawave

| EDM -- electric dildo mashing

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