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How you would feel if you found out

| How you would feel if you found out your favorite artist's identity infos and interaction with others are all fake.

| Will you feel betrayed?

| Hmmmm personally, nah. I just care for the bangers they make, I just care for the artist(s) when their health is at risk, because I need them to keep doing great music of course.

| My g/u/rls are based,
What do yall think$ how would most general listeners react tho?

| If it's some pointless drama I couldn't care less, if it's about them being neonazis or some crap like that then I will stop supporting or following their content.

| I don't know basically anything about any of the artists I like outside of what their music sounds like, and for good reason. Any artist who has an easily pinned "identity" it just a clout chaser and probably has shitty music and is for people with shit taste who just see music as an excuse to be a sycophant for a celebrity.

| Why would I feel betrayed? This is similar to anonymity, and anonymity is pretty common in our world

| Would not feel bad at all if I found out my favorite artist was lying to hide their identity. Would cause drama which would be annoying but,other than that I would not care all that much.

| Who cares? As long as the bangers are goos

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This thread is permanently archived