| So, Electroswing. What are your opinion on it? Are there any cool unpopular electroswing artists you know?

Also there has been a thing in the electroswing community making 2020's the "new 20's swing era" what are your thoughts on that?

| Never got into it, always got entry level music vibes from the popular stuff. Not bad just kinda reminds me of that one videp if the guy dancing with fedora with the green carpet and wooden walls.

| I love Electroswing!!! It's actually one of my favourite music genres! I hope it becomes more popular and mainstream!

Hmm, about ElectroSwing artists, I can't recall their names.. I mostly hear one really good song of them and then I hop into the next!
But "The Musical Ghost" comes into my mind about electroswing!
Oh and "Caravan Palace" as well!

| Peggy Suave is good

| >>785495 Indeed!

| Very repetitive, got boring fast

| >>785622 kinda this, yes

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