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Give me a random word and i'll make a random song about it 2.1

| Just quit my job and i now have time on my hands. How have you been, g/u/rls?? I hope you've been well!

| Maria, please come back to the office. You know that nobody but you knew how the coffee machine even works. Our lips are forlorn of the black gold that we so desperately need.
Please, we'll do anything.

| >>780083 i no longer want to be a corporate slave. Begone!

| burg

| >>780086 You don't /want/ to be slave? Well, that's the right attitude alright.
I'll see you soon, dearest. Ufufu~

| >>780087


If you hear the 'nomonomonomonomo' that was supposed to be 'nomnomnom' haha i just couldn't say it as fast

| >>780088 w-what

| >>780094 Ok, that was very good!!
Here is my word:


| >>780128



Like water through the seab
Though i try to hold you in
Now you say "just let me be"

What happened to you?
What happened to us?
Though amidst the waves
You were my safe place.

Like spring from a brook
My eyes were clear as day
I entrusted my heart to you
Now you're gone amongst the waves.

| >>780137
Like water through the sea*

| Хуй.

| >>780143 nooo i can't do that

| >>780137 Thanks you.
You have a wonderful voice.

| And you also have great creativity!
Those lyrics were delightful, I mean that truly.
Thanks you again!

| Welcome back Song-chan! :D

| Coom

| Shambles

| Sex

| Theg

| >>780156 thank you so much!! I'm trying to get back to the swing of things ; u ;

| >>780205 thank you! Very happy to be here after a while

| Wha-
You already quit? You didn't tell me!!!
I'm really proud of you though, and it's really cool to see you back doing this.
Hit me with: achievement

| >>780242 >>780340
No horni i apologize

| Bromance

Still hoping for Futanari, one day...

| >>780289


what a mess i've made.
everything's going wrong,
yet they tell me to "stay strong!"

well, ohhh
you just take, take, take.
let me organize my thoughts.
everything's in shambles,
as i burn out like a candle.

| neko

| Femboy

| Bumping because i'll be doing a song today! I hope you've all been well :)

| Angry burg

| Stars

| Palliative

| Cum

| Sex

| >>780543 i.. idk who theg is. i didn't get to meet the legend

>>783932 there is already a burg song! :)

>>784006 no horni i apologize



i got you when you're down
they say it's kinda gay
but we're real homies out here

just bros supporting bros
nothing out of the ordinary
just loving you in a platonic way

say the word and i got you
driving to your place
playing video games
if you want co-op just say my name

| >>784015 bonk bonk no hornie! Old rules still apply for the new thread :)

>>781500 i thought i told you!!!
Thank you. It took me years to finally build up the courage to do it. I really needed the break. It's a pretty long song so two replies for the lyrics


nothing big and nothing flashy for me
is it truly just upsetting
if this is all i want?

my needs are simple
battling through the daily
inner demons set in eating me alive

| >>784046

i woke up today
brushed my teeth and washed my face
do my best to function though i ache
a hollow shell of the phrase "i'll be okay"

nothing big and nothing flashy for me
was it truly just upsetting
if my achievement was i stuck around and stayed?

| >>784047

my needs were simple
i battle through this daily
baby steps on that recovery
so living feels like i'll truly mean it.

i woke up today
brushed my teeth and washed my face
bones grind together and though it aches
for you, i'm trying to be okay.

nothing big and nothing flashy for me
is it truly just upsetting
if this is all i want?


| Hm

| Cat

| >>784046 >>784047 >>784048
You told me it would be soon, but, not once you did. As you already know I'm super happy for you though, and I'm really proud of you.

That was beautiful.

| >>784081 thank you. i really appreciate you.

bumping because i'll be posting a new one today!
hope all of you are well :)

| >>784424
I really appreciate you as well! Excited to hear the next one!

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