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5/5* hidden albums

| What are unknown masterpieces (in your opinion) that you recommend?

| I. Kraftwerk - Die Mensch-Maschine

| treats by sleigh bells. it's a masterclass in cheerleader punk and ironic loudness-war era digital clipping. it's their simplest record, but short and itense. 100% recommend

| Black ben carson

| The Book Of Traps And Lessons by Kae Tempest. I know they're not the most underground or unknown person in the world having 1-4 million listens on a few tracks, but I never see anyone talk about their albums. It's like people have only listened to those few tracks because of when and where they were promoted and never went further.
It's genuinely a masterpiece and easily one of the most unique experiences you can get from an album. Absolute gem.
Let Them Eat Chaos is great as well.

| "偽 -Eve Hates 'M' Vol. 2-" by Eve Hates Me. It's a super obscure album that I stumbled across years ago while digging through tags on Bandcamp, but it's easily one of my all-time favorites, heheh. The album "I Hate Your Hate" by the same artist is also lovely.

"suicide.moe is vol.1" by the suicide.moe label is another favorite of mine that, while comparatively more well-known, is still rather obscure.

| The phoenotopia awakening ost is actually amazing with some really great atmospheric tracks but im nkt sure if it counts as an album just search it up on youtube if u wanna find it

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