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Music "easter eggs"

| not talking about covers or rmx. songs in which the artist reuses a melody (or lyrics?) from another artist. sometimes it is an homage, others is just plain ripoff...

some examples:
david guetta - play hard vs. alice deejay - better off alone
j lo - on the floor vs. lambada
joy division - disorder vs. the 1975 - give yourself a try
eiffel65 - blue vs. ceky viciny - ellos
mia - born free vs. suicide - ghost rider
lcd soundsystem - losing my edge vs. ghost rider (and also da funk)

| this is kinda obscure but love will tear us apart by joy division kinda sounds like the car chasne theme in jak 2 https://youtu.be/BnxbSWyoM9g at around 1:12

| another one:
say anything - i hate everyone vs. the clash - i fought the law

| Does this count as an easter egg?

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You won't beat me. The current anthem of the Parisian football club is a direct poaching from a German song for kids about pirates, came out in the 2000s.

| Daft Punk has tons. Sampling masters.

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i think the videogame "Stay Tooned" wins:

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