Underrated bands

| Bands that should've been bigger, but weren't, for whatever reason. My top pick is Acid Bath. Nobody sounds like them. Their music is so visceral and unique, it just stands on it's own. Dax Riggs is unironically one of the best vocalists and has such a distinctive voice and delivery. Them putting out only 2 albums is a travesty.

| The Beatles

| Gotta give Acid Bath a spin after this post.

| VNV nation. Specifically the Noir album.

| Battles

| Crystal castles

| Tribe Society. "Kings" is their most popular song, but they have other amazing songs like "Outlaw" and "Lucid Dreams"

| Deltron 3030, their one album holds up as we move into an increasingly dystopian future.

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not sure if trolling or just being a pleb.

i wouldn't call the underrated, for sure. they played the biggest festivals and toured all over the world. but i'd say they have quite faded out from modern consciousness pretty much after alice glass left.

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Not bad.

I always liked the way CC sounded, but their music is vapid. The songs don't have enough depth or progression, and not enough intensity for how repetitive they are. I always that all aspects of their music was just "OK". I think if they had a 3rd member who contrasted them musically, that would push them into being something special.

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These guys are interesting and I find their quirkiness endearing. I'll be coming back to their shit.

| I know they sold gang busters back in the day, but I'm also saying Savage Garden, especially their 1st album, because it's largely been forgotten over time. That album had a lot feeling and it will always hold up.

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