Trade offer I get music you get appreciation

| I'll listen to literally anything, I am bored out of my mind give me songs and albums pretty please

| For lo fi: Metaphorical Music by Nujabes.

For omgwtfbbq: 1000 gecs by 100 gecs.

| >>d2011b Nujabes is pretty chill I like it!
As for 100 gets can't get into them for some reason with the exception of tracks like stupid horse and money machine

| https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1j6xjT_nbGYm23AHroymlONqEz-odVX5
Shinsekai, by japanese jazz punk noise band Midori
I've been absolutely obsessed with this album for the last couple of weeks, an album full of bangers

| >>773098 I've listened to 100 gecs before. Hyperpop is great.

| Here is my omgwtfbbq type song:

YYYY by Milk Steak on #SoundCloud

| I often listen to this song before I go to bed


| Zutomayo is nice

| Ok time for replies
>>861c31 actually been listening to Midori for a long time, nice seeing another fan
>>4b24ef mfw YTP has become a music genre
>>27a68d allow me to very legally download that, its great

Wont leave yall hanging so I am also adding an album to the pool, SET TO STUN and the desperado undead by Set to Stun.
Very cool tracks but I am personally more into their Walk Tall II single

| Kikuohana is a pretty good take on whimsical circus music but actually entertaining rather than a cringe stylistic choice.

Can't think of a bad one, all fit neatly together as a concept album recommend just a full listen like a movie. Top quality and detail.

| Sky Lab by Electronic System

| >>773230 Nice.
Reminds me of, Time Moves Slow by Badbadnotgood

| >>773230 This is great. I didn't even realize it was 15 min long until towards the end. I was vibing the whole time.

| https://theorionexperience.bandcamp.com/track/theres-no-love-in-february

I just was recommended the orion expetience and this album, especially this song is really great

| Its been making the rounds on indie music places recently but Parnnoul’s newest album. Modern sounding shoegaze and it sounds incredible, very emo tho

| Music of My Mind by Stevie Wonder

| Took me a while to get back to y'all
Been loving the suggestions, honestly didn't expect the thread to become as big as it did.
This message is as much as a bump, as it is a message of appreciation to all of you <3

Also stream Gasoline - Dirtyphonics
Been listening to edm for a while and recently found the label Disciple and man, it's been a voyage

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s65zfEoXOWQ

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rJz-tazK4I
Could you believe that Brazil, of all countries, is in possession of an outright beautiful and melancholic psych-ish album? I certainly couldn't.

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