Stupid R&B question

| i always get confused with rhythm and blues...

it's kinda like hardcore (techno) and hardcore (punk). these two genres share the same name but have nothing in common.

does the same happens with XXI-century R&B (more hihop and mainstream pop-like) and 60-70's R&B (like bo didley and the rolling stones, more on the rock side)???

are these two the same genre after evolving over time, or two different genres which happen to coincidentally have the same name?

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| same genre, with a fairly straightforward line of influences, with the introduction of hip hop into the sound leading to something different despite this connection

people began calling the original "rhythm and blues" by another name - soul music

but alot of people differentiate based on the full term or the shortened - sam cooke is rhythm and blues, mary j blige is r&b

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thanks for the non-meme answer!!!

| I am confused overall what this genre even means and how to discern it.

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