Made song. Would appreciate feedback.

| Hi, I'm here again. Still not earning money, and still only posting this so I can get some feedback from the g/u/rls here so I can improve and hopefully one day get to that point.
Her it is:

Let me know what you think. Good and bad. In simple terms or technical term. Anything that could potentially help me improve would mean a lot to me.

Can't hear the voice. Need lyrics. Beat is fire.
Obviously need a better mic, there is some fuzzy static going on. To me it seems like you are mumbling.
Redo it, I can't critique the song properly.

| Listening to it to a second time, I can understand the lyrics more clearly, but ehhh.....

| >>771679 >>771681
The "static" as you call it is effects that have been added on for aesthetic, and not actually static. Same with my voice tone. It's intentional.
With microphone, I'm using a studio mic in a small studio. That's the best quality I can get around here.
So, I don't think I'll redo it, sorry. But I do appreciate the feedback, and I acknowledge that it's not for everyone.
For the lyrics, I can put them up somewhere and share the link if you want. Wouldn't be a problem.

| You're damn right the beat is fire though! I love the homie who makes those. Insanely talented, but explicitly states that they don't want to be credited. It's honestly a shame.

| The beat is great, but I'm really not a fan of the vocals. Kinda sounds like a surly high schooler mumbling at me and I don't like it.

| >>771950
Aight. Can't really change my voice, but that's good to know.

| But you just told that other guy the tone was intentional, no?
I'm sure there are probably people out there that might enjoy that, but you asked for feedback and that's mine.

| >>771961
Oh, tone. Of course. Thought you meant the voice itself. My bad.
And, yeah. I ain't mad. When I said it's good to know I meant that. I want to know everything people might like and might dislike about it. That's how I can improve, or at least know which demographics to sell myself to. I'm glad you gave me your feedback. I apologize if it came off any other way.

| I wanna be honest, this isn't normally my kinda music. BUT... the rhythm is awesome, and your voice blends well with the setting the music sets. Thanks for sharing g/u/rl.

| >>772034
I'm glad!
Thank you for the feedback.

| basic and bland

| Hello,

Wondering if you accepted guest posts on your site. Also would you be willing to insert links in existing posts?

How much would you charge for this?


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How could I make it less basic and bland, and which parts make it basic and bland?

| >>772106
Fuck is this?

| >>772115
Hmmm... I wonder...
What about that part where you're a tranny? KAHN!

| >>772174
One of those, huh? Good luck.

| >>772187
different people

| >>772188

| >>772188 >>772198
Either way, let's not go down that route. I'm just looking for ways to improve my music.

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