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Hay g/u/rls mind need some help

| I've recently gotten more into music and have some trouble finding music i like. I was hoping some of you g/u/rls can could help me find something similar to nujabes.

| please excuse the typing errors only just noticed myself

| >only just noticed myself
OP gains consciousness

| Tell me what you think.

Tinder Samurai by samsa

| there really isnt much out there 'like' Nujabes. Some others to consider though would be DJ Okawari, Float 11, and maybe Little West. Hope you find what you're lookin for!

| asked my friend G who likes nujabes (idk who that is sorry), and she got some recommandations for ya :D
Rude(Eternal Youth), Soulenance(Jazz et thé vert),
Hope it will satisfy you !

| Try digging at classic such as J Dilla and Madlib. You may also like other artists that wrote the soundtrack to Samurai Champloo (Fat Jon, Tsutchie, Force of Nature, etc). But all above isn't Nujabes 2, cuz he has some unique sound in the end. So i recommend you to explore jazz-rap and nu-jazz and especially Ninja Tune label music. Hope it'll help a little.

| >>770491
ninja tuna :DDddDDdD that's windows 7 sample music lmao

| I don't really know someone like nujabes per say but let me know what you think of these artists and their songs

underscores - sneakerhead, feather (this song is a remake of nujabes song i think), about the kid that never left his house

ABSRDT - we're beautiful, imaginary friend

Diveo - fever dream

Kev - your bed, rain

Bo en - the pale machine album

Free tempo (probs the closest to nujabes) - montage, snow field

this list is shoddy as per your request of 'like nujabes'

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