| Other vocaloid producers cant even come close to his tier of tuning, 10 years strong. The closest i can think of is Giga.

As a side, I've never actually looked in to the software. it is actually that difficult to do smooth vocals? I understand people like Kz just have their style around being autotuned on top of less smooth vocal, but what are we actually listening to here? Just more hours locking in the tones, or genuine skills that are a cut above?

| MitchieM has such a hit catalogue of songs. Such a great producer. And yeah, making Vocaloid sound decent is difficult af.

| Where can I actually get the software to play around with it? I tried searching for their website but it was all knock-offs hogging search terms

| >>765609
It's pricy, but it's one of the best programs out there for the job. Alternatively Utau is free. The program, nor the voices are quite as good imo, but... it's free.

| You could also just yo ho fiddle dee dee the Vocaloid software.

| may just do the latter. I have more of a passing interest in actually making any music with it. mostly just want to poke around.

| while not vocaloid specifically, another artist i think has done really well with synth tuning is Beau Jordan

| SynthV is free. I've only tried out Eleanor Forte, don't know if the others cost money.

| >>765390 The only other producer/artist I love as much as MitchieM is wowaka, although for a completely different reason.

| I miss him. Rolling Girl and Two-Sided Lovers is still on heave rotation

| I enjoy Neru, but mostly for the instrumentals.

| >>766644
I don't recall what newspaper it was but he said he played the sitar at some point I think.

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