Help me to identify musical instrument

| Hey, guys. I need your help. There is a track by nervous_testploit called "A Functioning God" and starting from 01:05 some musical instrument playing on the background that sounds like pipa, but i don't think it's really it. Please, help me to identify it. Any guesses are welcome.

| Sounds like either a theremin or a sampled voice

| >not linking the music with timestamp in URL
nahhhh faaam

| >>764022 I didn't mean the long "oooo", actually. It is definetely some musical instrument playing on the background

| >>764025 oh, you're right, here https://youtu.be/8hhfgN8qd_k?t=65

| this is a sample of either a plucked string, or less likely some sort of metal percussion. it probably is edited enough that it's not going to be placable to one instrument, or could even be synthesized. a guzheng sounds similar.

| >>764076
Fucking OP, I have to make an actual effort now...

Know that electronic simulation can create anything nowadays, and you won't know for sure that it's a real instrument or that it was coded from complete scratch using nothing but VST generators

And it could also just be a violin.

| Definitely just a synthesizer sound if you mean the one that pans left-right. Low-pass filtered pulsewave waveform with pulse width modulation.

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