net radio stations

| can we compile some here? i wonder if i can fill out a weekly rotation

| of course there's out own Radi/u/

| Nightwave Plaza

| Vidya Intarweb Playlist, curated by Aersia.net

| J and K pop needs covered at

| and thats all ive got. any suggestions g/u/rls?

| This one makes me horny, because I love sex.


| Poolside is really doing the most. I dig it

| https://thirdrockradio.net/

| >opened to Garbage
nice. loved them since i heard them in Gran Turismo

| lainon.life

| very cool.

| Naah, can we have nes radio?

| make one!

| Lainon and Listen.moe bot have public git pages

| >>754231
>has "SJW" in the palm tree

| >>754310
what palm tree?

| >>754224
Background 72 best background

| Radiogarden is nice i like playing with it.

| one of my favorite internet radios, variety of channels and great interface

| >>754720 a good one but 53 is hands down the best

| Some of my friends spin tunes at

| >>80fd0f >>ea8e7b

| Bvhvvj ughhfdkfd you

| https://www.scenestream.net/demovibes/streams/

| >>755562 ayy, this along side radi/u/ was my rec. Anyone know if Seph's glitched radio is still up?

| >>756329
glitched went up for a few days after like a year of being down, then it crashed and wasn't fixed. I wouldn't keep my hopes up.

| Might not be what you're looking for, but BBC Radio 3 got me covered for classical music.


| ZANE!?

| chiru.no
It also has links to a whole lot web radios (lots of them long dead too)

| F

| >>755219 was gonna post about it, glad someone already did. Any cool station you wanna share?

| Radio Sega is wonderful

| Radio Garden -> Asian Dream Radio or Jazz Sakura is best

| https://vapor.fm/
Same vibe as >>754224 but with more 3D pizzazz.

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