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the best shoegaze band isn't mbv, ride, slowdive nor clairo.

the best shoegaze band is actually coldplay. really. their 2008 bonus track "Chinese Sleep Chant" outshines any previous effort in the genre.

kevin shields is still butthurt over this, that's why he is delaying the new mbv record.

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cool band but how many songs do they have?

my point is that coldplay has only 1 (one) shoegaze song and they have utterly BTFOed the entire genre.

why do you think they have only released one shoegaze song? it's because they have been threatened by the global shoegaze industry! if everybody knew how good they are nobody would buy a loveless LP re-re-re-issue.

| Pretty good. But I still like Pangaea Girls by Candy Claws better.

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i mean, it was just shitposting, i don't really think coldplay is the ultimate shoegaze band, it's just that today i found that song and thought it was impressive

for shoegaze i usally stick to the 90s, i haven't really listened to the modern stuff. if i had to choose song it would be when you sleep by mbv

| I completely disagree. The best Shoegaze band would be Rumskib. They made 1 album way too early before the resurgence of Dream Pop & Shoegaze. They knocked it out of the park and have been MIA for over a decade.

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10/10 amazing album! very cure-ish!

i ran out of shoegaze recs a couple years ago so i stead i'm going to post a dino jr. song which it's like shoegaze (fuzz + vocals) but with sick guitar solos.


| >>753376 the song is nice but I hate coldplay sorry.
>>753389 based

Listen to this yall: https://youtu.be/OFK4ZSoXpPs

| >>5ed3f0 https://autosport.bandcamp.com

| id say siamese dreams by the smashing pumpkins, not branded as shoegaze but a good chunk of the tracks are shoegaze-like and endless nameless by nirvana, more noise oriented tho

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