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| Hit it, Post it
>Carry the Doubt by Her's

| mp3 albums on my phone, vlc track shuffle
>Beijing by Thaiboy Digital

| shufflinating again beacuse i'm bored
>Avenues (Piano version) by Ramona Lisa

| >Das Gesetz by Eisbrecher

| happy friday yall
>Floating Flower Magic by Carneiro

| >The Sea (PFM remix)
we vibin today g/u/rls

| Spotify all liked songs shuffle
>Black Out by Mad Zach

| local music using Blackplayer
>Sapphire by Alcest

| in a strange and topical twist, my monday morning is neon and smoke-filled
>A Gaze That Invited Disaster by Garoad

| spotify as i chill
>Destiny by Aoki Mami

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This thread is permanently archived