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Bars from /u/

| Drop some bars. No "1 line at a time shit". Just drop some bars, be it a verse or two or a line or two. Go off the person above you or do your own shit. Doesn't matter. Just drop some bars.

| droppin 3 bars

| | |(=|_=)| | prisoner

| What do you prefer OP? Mars or Snickers? Maybe you are a Bounty person...

| poor OP...

| Shit. I was hoping I'd actually see something good here.
Well then. Was worth the attempt I guess.

| Yo check this out
Ay yo
Two lines dawg
Ere we go

What's up spanners
I'm an EmCee slammer

| ITT you drop some bars
In your personal manner

| I got the gurls in the back
And they can throw it back

| Now feel their verbal slap
As they dish out their raps!

| >>b80063
Now this g/u/rl is onto something! Let's go!

| >>751610
Appreciated gurl, just don't be a rhymeless hoe!

| >>751614
Whatchu mean "rhymeless hoe"?

| >>751618
You make them lyrics go "Pow Pow Pow" Until the people go "Wow Wow Wow"!

| In This Thread no soft Emcee bitches,
We're spitting magic like vocal witches!
It's Rhyme time, Super primetime
Dropping posts and verses damn fine

| In real time

| >>751620
I don't "pow pow pow", I don't machine gun, ain't Kelly
They don't "wow wow wow", because you see hun, I barely get noticed
See, I keep it low key
Three rhymes at a time, subtle schemes, you don't notice

| >>751614

| 1/3

Not a mindless hoe, because in this cube, I have all the diamonds.
(Rest In Peace to me, because that above rhyme was Reckless...)

| 2/3
Jk that wasn't correct or neither-rite.
If you spawn into my rare block? Then these golden bars will put up a fight. Have a hit with one of us, then get smoked by all these piglins.
At any speed you'll get burned and melted by any sequence.
Recieve the latest 1.16 update then BAM, your dreamwastaken.
Your void mind is still digging down? Then allow this g/u/rl's wrap craft you this hell. And in the End, let all these bars obsidianate and mummify you into an eternal prison cell.

| 3/3

(Sorry, I was studdering in my leather boots as I typed this. I had too much coffee. This was the Java Edition.)

I love sex.

| >>751734 Wow, I could've said, "[...]studdering in my [chainmail] boots[...]" instead.

| >>fb6f45
Did you write this to Pigstep?

| >>751768
I did more than right, because all I did was type. Or did that one, left you behind?

Who the heck is Pigstep?
I do not know what you are saiyin',
I am just tryna save my bacon.
Thanks for the update, Jeb.
But I got more power bars than that, well over 9,000.
But I sure got those hooks, that will have you swimming for more.
I have a full inventory of punches, woodn't you agree?

| 2/3
Fisherman's update, who is going to take this bait.
G/u/rl, these bars are hot, I am serving drinks to all of you, at every slot.
So drunk, I don't even have to think when I mix this shit, my customers have me full green, just like my experience.
These words orb around you, can't /u/ see?
Why are we farming /mu/? When I am tipsily talking about /v/?
But I also love sex, so let me just have that /d/.

| 3/3
Yeah, this rap was kinda lame, I am talking about Minecraft, but at the end our deaths we should all denounce our love for /lain/.
But in this is Vallhalla, let this bar, be a message to all of ya':

I love sex.

| >>076c46 >>fb6f45
Also, I am the same g/u/rl, just different ID.

| >>751793 "[...]end [of] our deaths[...]"

| >>751794
I could tell, you were the same, based on your Minecraft bars
The subpar flow and so called punches, you seem to think you're hard
But I won't judge, it's kinda cute, the way you write with heart
This time I'll budge and admit you're aight, so homie let's not start, a fight here
We can keep a good vibe here
Feels like we could go, back and forth, the whole night here
Or take it to my room, back and forth the whole night there
We both love sex
So let's lay some pipe there

| I'm >>6919df >>0c9c1c ;) [/spoiler]

| (⌒_⌒;)

| 1/4
Your sex bars, g/u/rl that's nice schemeing!
Your bottom half of your rap/body is going to start making me creaming.
It is making me start flowing and from all your penetrative seeding.
I am getting drenchly moisturised.
Reading all of this white text, is going to urge me to start talking about sex,
as if something sticky white, was also sprayed over my eyes.
G/u/rl lay some of that pipe,
I too, have a few toys and one or two vibes...

| 2/4
But enough innuendo,
I had a change of heart.

You took the bite, you activated my trap card.
Hah, that is a the baiting switch.

You think you had me?
Hah, this is now a bait 'n' switch.

Did you see the new Switch colour?
Kind of like Lilo and Stitch?


| 3/4
I keep my bars clean, that maid Anna was my b!tch.
You made any threads about g/u/rls in ponytails? Sick,
you are probably a catfish.
These lines from my head is like a freshcut, get sashimi'd more of my rhyming dish.
--Sike! I also crossdress!
Did you say that I love sex?
Hah, nice mating shtick.

...Seriously though, typical Nintendo,

| 4/4
recolouring their console, back to Indigo.
It will most likely get hacked, but .cia later though.
Time to go.
--Oh? You didn't know?
Stuff like: .wbfs Wii .cia 3DS, or .xci ISO's?? Try google?
Codes that get exploited through hidden loopholes?
Then gets updated and patched because we are the foes?
I am concluding this! I had enough of this Freestyle Friday Night Funkin'
Smell ya g/u/rls later, Yu-Gay-HOES.

| >>fb6f45 >>076c46 >>149663
Same g/u/rl, different ID.
I was just enamored that >>751817 replied and I jumped to type on my laptop keyboard for a faster reply instead of my touch keyboard.

I love sex.

| >>751822
>>751806 's reply I meant.

| >>751818
Did you see the new Switch [Lite] colour?
Kind of like that [alien] from Lilo and Stitch?

I keep leaving out words. AHHHHHHHH

| >>751819
I would like to correct myself to refer to Dorothy Haze,
and not Anna Graem.
I suppose this is what occurs when for some years you have been on dangeru.us,
and have not even played the game.
I admit, what a shame.
My brain has been floating in outer space.
What a dimension this has been for.us, people still boasting about their 2nd dose of mRNA's?
I guess I am the imposter out of the players Among.us, oops wrong game...

| No other rhymers here in these Airships?
I have a task for you all.
Or are all of you g/u/rls just air heads?
It is time to play ball.

I give you crewmates the feet, but I forgot you g/u/rls in spacesuits lack hands.
The 2nd imposter that collabed with me layed the ground work, me and that imposter went through vents.
I give you crewmates defeat, because all the spectators reading this are just performing their best visual taks.

| Can't anyone else use your limbs?
I am starting to get highly suspicious.
You g/u/rls have abandoned this lifeless ship,
and then simply ghosted.
You g/u/rls float high in the air, yet still oxygen depleted.
Just an easy vote and you can have us ejected.
Above you all with the stars, me and the other imposter moonwalk all over your corpses.

Just do you, self-reported.

Among Us; these are... Task Bars.

| i have no rapping talent but i'm watching Hype Hype

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