LOUD albums

| or bands. not the loud-quiet dynamic a la pixies or nirvana (which is cringe and overdone btw)

sleigh bells - treats. literal digital clipping. very cool

andrew w.k. - i get wet. overproduced, loud but with so much soul...

my bloody valentine - i heard that their live shows used to be reaaaally loud. like earbleedingly loud

| Igorrr :^) Deftones is nice too i guess

| Sewerslvt

| Sunn o))) better bring inear AND overear protection.


| Every single motorhead album. When I first listened to aftershock it blew my eardrums out and it was amazing.

| Andrew Hulshult has some bangers

| Doom eternal soundtrack.

| Check out Midori - Yukiko san

| thanks everyone but https://youtu.be/e3-5YC_oHjE

it was a stupid question from the start. and i missed xuriousanon, i was expecting a post from them in the thread

| >>751152
who's xuriousanon?

| Jane doe by converge is a very loud album, fantastic production

| Hi, just https://youtu.be/n_u7YWmIG9c

| >>752155
lo hisssssssse te deje :o

a guy who posted xurious on the board a few times. idk, i think it has potential to become a meme around here

| I'm a big fan of either the first Psychedelic Porn Crumpets album or Angel of Salvation by Galneryus

| All of Guitar Wolf's shit is loud, so much so that they claimed their album Jet Generation is the loudest album ever recorded.

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