| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KNxOBerr_8

BTW does anybody know what's been happening with them lately? The twitter and instagram accs got deleted for some reason

| Iirc he got cancelled for saying the n word (not the hard r one), woke crowd wouldnt let go despite the donation he made so probably just decided to pull the plug on social medias

| >>738036
niggers be nig noggin i guess. Iran levels of dogma enforcement.

| >>738041 Yeah lol. Funny thing is sewer is a troon that supported BLM to the point of changing his handle to kill pig cops or smth lmao

| >>738065
i am at least thankful that this general suffocation provides something to be a rebel about.

| >>738041 now that's what I call edgy

| Yeah it's crazy how (assuming that's true) doing something shitty makes people mad, even if you also did something they agree with. This is a new and dangerous phenomenon

| white supremacists killing black people: I SLEEP
some rando tranner says nigger: REAL SHIT ZOMG CANCELLED KYS

| >>738199
glad to be!
what you just said is shitty and thus we should cancel you
i sleep to both of these tbh

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