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Any metalheads here

| Name your favorite metal genre, subgenres, band, etc!

I fuck with death, sludge, blackened death, power, progressive, neo thrash, erc

Bands like Behemoth, Sabaton, Acid Bath, Crowbar, Novembers Doom and Entrails, and of course Rammstein and KMFDM.

| I still listen to some black, extreme and gothic metal like Seraphim Shock, Finntroll, cradle, Genitorturers, Lacuna Coil and Type O Negative etc.

Also a lot of metal inspired electronic music like Pertubator, some Dance with the Dead singles and Planum. Makes it easier to control your demons and push trough during workouts/jogging.

| No band has ever come as close to being my favorite than Blind Guardian. It's like, you can't really just call them "power metal" because they're so much more than that.

| I listen to a bit of everything, but i usually tend to lean towards Djent, Prog, and Folk Metal.

Some of my fav bands are Meshuggah, Tool, Divitius, Týr, Type O, Pantera.

The only stuff i don't really like are metalcore and grindcore lol but for the other genres i usually find a couple of bands i find interesting

| Not too into metal these days, so I'd rather not point out my favs. I usually lean more on power metal or the ones with clearer vocal and melody. Not a fan of death or trash metal.

Oh hell yeah, Blind Guardian was great.

| fuck yeah. i've been listening to a ton of the earlier releases by Type-O Negative again lately, some Carnivore too. steele never gets old.

| Blind Guardian are great, though I feel like their debut is severely underrated. It's so good.

These days I return mostly to Black Sabbath, at the risk of being too stereotypical? Sabotage is literally one of the greatest metal albums.

| >>735458
It has some weak ass songs yet some of their greatest, I hear nobody talking about Wizard's Crown and that's fucking rediculous

| Batallions of Fear - the song - is also so good, I sometimes wonder what'd it be if Blind Guardian went into a more thrashier vibe for longer.

| I always return to swedish, polish and American death metal.
Poland having the band Behemoth, Sweden the band Entrails and the US having the bands Death, Deicide, Gruesome, and others.
Death metal isn't talked about enough.

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