Everywhere at the End of Time

| I am 4 hours and 30 minutes in and it hasn't given me a very visceral reaction yet. The concept is horrifying, but it's not gripping me the way I thought it would. There's still another hour left though, so we'll see.

| How are you listening to it? Intently? Or while doing something? I just couldnt commit my 6 hours

| While drawing. I finished it and the last part was very poignant if nothing else after the buildup. I'd say you'd have to be willing and open to the album if you were to listen to it. Being snobby or skeptical to the experience will simply have you sink 6 hours into nothing. It isn't music and expecting something like The Antlers Hospice is incorrect. Relistening to certain parts certainly breaks my heart now that everything is done.

| It's very much like one of those paintings that isn't a masterpiece, but looking at it from the side you can see of paint at least a foot deep. It doesnt help if youre already acustomed to noise music and ambience. But, If you have 6+ hours to spare, aren't easily bored, and won't be critically broken from experiencing a mucial equivalent of the years-long, grueling pains of dementia then I'd recommend it.

| not this shit again

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