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| Do you guys sort your music?
I just throw everything in one big ol' list.
Thousands of songs, I can't be bothered to sort them all and make playlist. I tried editing the tags properly, filling in the artist and genres and whatnot, but gave up on that too.

| i've been through a lot of phases. currently i do this:
1. i have a directory for flac, another for "hd flac", itunes aac rips and mp3.
2. if i download other lossless formats like ape alac... i convert to flac.
3. inside each directory i have a directory for every artist.
4. for each artist i store every record in a folder "[YYYY-MM-DD] Title". this way everything is auto sorted nicely by release date.
5. Tracks have filename "NN - Song", always two digit minimum for track number

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6. For metadata, i strip everything with mp3tag, and then only fill track number, title, album, artist, album artist, genre and year.
7. The cover art is stored in a cover.jpg file, always 700x700.
8. I have a mirror directory called music extras for storing more album art, tour posters, etc. i started doing this recently, but i also store the original metadata tags in a csv because i feel bad about erasing them.

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and yep, that's all. sorry, i guess. i usually listen to music in my pc with foobar2000, just browsing folders and the drag-n-dropping. in linux i just do a mpv *. and in my phone i use vlc which has a very nice library feature.

some more things i forgot! i know the genre tag can be any string but i like to keep it within the original id3 genres.

| I have a folder for every artist I listen too (collabs are in a seperate folder) and in those are folders for each album I own with the audio files in them. (Tagged correctly and stuff)

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like, do you have a folder called "collaborative albums" or something? this is one of the biggest issues for me. for example, imagine i have a track with artist "hannah diamond & danny l harle", it appears as a different artist that isn't neither one or the other. same for features, but i always put those on the track title, not on the artist field.

i usually store tribute albums on the folder of the original artist.

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for soundtracks, i have a folder for movies, another for tv shows and many folders for different video game consoles. but, what to do if the soundtrack album is by a popular artist? questions questions!

| >>727223 Various Artist it's called. ^^ And then just throw all thr good stuff in there. For example the first 20 Monstercat albums.

| The trick is to tag the album artist as "Various Artists" but keep the track artists how they were. This way most music players recognize the original song artists but still keep it as a single album in your library due to the album artist tag.

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yes! i do it all the time! vlc on android handles it very well! when you browse artists, their tracks from albums by other artists are shown. but artists which only have songs on "various artists" albums don't appear as artists, so you don't get a huge cluttered artist list.

i know i'm a super autist for this stuff but consider the following: capitalization. what to do?? calitalize each word? only nouns? fucking horrifying.

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maybe i'm not an autist, i'm just like a melomaniac marie kondo or something.

and the most ironic thing is that i do all of this for music, but for movies i don't give a heck, i just put them in a folder, sometimes i can't even tell what movie it is by its filename.

| I just have a folder for each album

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