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torrenting musics

| Where do you guys get your music from? Besides youtube to mp3.

| SMLoadr/Deezloadr.

| i always try to get all my musics in FLAC!!!!

for torrents i liked rutracker.org. good for full discographies and also for more artsy movies sometimes.

torrentz was a good torrent search engine but i think is currently down.

there are also tons of pages like flac2.hd24bit.com that post 24 bit flacs but the direct download links are awful, not worth it IMO.

and now i'm on soulseek! it's a p2p program with a built-in search engine! it has almost everything.

| and the next level would be private torrent trackers, but i don't know anything about them. maybe another danger/u/ser can get you in? i heard these trackers they are like a fascist disneyland for music fans. they have everything but there are very strict download/upload quota restrictions.

| you wouldn't download a car

| >>726209 >>726017 these.

| I try to buy from small artists but if the artist is already rich and famous I hit up the pirate bay

| Obligatory note: if your favourite artist is independent, they likely sell their music on Bandcamp! Support independent artists and buy their stuff!

| Does anyone know where I can find 美味しんぼ オリジナル・サウンドトラック アンティパスト album? It is on Spotify but hell, even if I buy premium I can still only play it on Spotify alone... I remember it being on Soulseek but it went down.

| >>726710
yep! bandcamp is great, and they diddoing these bandcamp fridays thing in which 100% of the profits from purchases went to the artists. i hope they keep it for 2021...

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hmmm, i see you asked the /g/entoomen with no luck...

are you sure it's not on soulseek? you can't find a file with the search engine if the file owner isn't connected. but you can set a watch on some keywords and your computer will be continuously searching and downloading everything that matches.

| and as a last resort, i saw the full album is in a youtube video... if you really want to listen to that album offline, maybe you can extract the audio from that video and split it in individual tracks for each song.

and if you want to get it """legally""" amazon sells it in mp3, and some japanese websites sell a flac version for roughly the same price

| >>727075 oh, could you link the amazon one? I would aporeciate it.

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yeah, but it's amazon JP, i just read that mp3 purchases need a japanese credit card. this blog entry explains how to bypass it but it's from 2016, not sure if it still works: https://aikatsudash.wordpress.com/2016/11/14/how-to-buy-digital-music-from-amazon-japan-from-overseas/

and here's the link:

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