How do I mix and shit?

| Like, how do I take the vocals and the instrumental and put it together to make it sound good? Like, I have vocals. I have instrumentals. They fit well together. But, how do I mix them? Audio editing is something I have trouble understanding which sucks since I don't have, like, a producer or anything.

| sorry but idk

if it sounds good in heaphones it's prolly neato dude

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Idk how to get it to do that though. I did find out that someone I know knows audio mixing and has volunteered to do it for me, or at least try.

| Don't you just take the two tracks, put them into something like reaper (or any other DAW), and adjust the audio wherever needed?

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I, I don't know. Even if that's how you do it, I don't have any DAW and I don't know how I would go about adjusting stuff or how to, like, mix good.

| >>717636 You can get reaper. It's kinda like winrar in that it's not actually free but you can get the full working program and the most they'll do is bring up a pop-up nagging you to pay them every time you open the program after the trial period.

Is applying vocals to an instrumental all you're trying to do?

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Kinda? Right now it is at least, as far as I'm aware. Might need some other stuff too but, again, I'm not sure. I've never done it.

| >>717669 hmm well I think all you really have to do is start a new project in a daw and import the vocals and instrumental as tracks. I think mixing matters more if you recorded each piece of the instrumental yourself (guitars, drums, bass, etc.), then you'd have to balance those things out (balance as in adjusting the volume of each instrument, maybe pan the audio, etc.).

Are you making a mashup of two songs that already exist or is it your own original song?

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Original. I don't make the beats myself, but I write and perform the lyrics.

But it seems like the whole mastering thing has been fixed!
The homie who knows how to do this shit turned out to be, like, extremely good at it. I was extremely depressed today and just in general doing pretty shit so the only recording I had was, bad. It really wasn't good. But he somehow took that recording and made it sound, like, good. So when I have a good recording, well, it'll be good!

| >>718074 that's great! be sure to pick up a few pointers from him if you want to learn how to do it yourself

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Yeah! I will. Whenever he does work on anything he always gets really excited about it and tells me what he did and explains it. So it probably won't take long.

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