Looking for music to fit my aesthetic

| I really like the crimecore aesthetic but it's super hard to find music to fit the vibe! I based it off of lupin iii, persona 5, and oceans 11 with their jazzy rock tone but after that it's hard to find music

| So like the opening of Cowboy Bebop?

| >>715244 yeah pretty much

| Crystal castles is kinda aesthetics

| That kind of music is hard to come by. I think SiivaGunner has some stuff like that, but it's a bit like rummaging through the Lego bin for that one missing piece.

Any examples you can give of what your looking for?

| >>715217
did you invent this crimecore thing?
anyways, here's the blues brothers theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DgFOsEs-kE

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