Everywhere at the end of time

| I just wanna see some opinions on it

| not this crap again

| youtube spent 3 solid months recommending that shit and I finally escape it only for it to show up here uguu

| Never even heard of it and I check YouTube a lot

| A good listen. Had no time to listen to it in full, but the cover art, occasionally flashing in my recommended, still instills fear.

| Overhyped but good. Dunno 'bout you but I can't concentrate for 6.5 hours straight, so I listened to it in parts. Was an interesting journey and a bit unsettling for me!

| >>714732 same, I had to listen to it in parts because of work in my case though

| The first few are pretty good till everything gets all fucky wucky still pretty interesting though

| Only got ~30 min in, but I liked it. Probably didn't hit the sad yet.

| >>716373 there is no sad though, unless you know someone with alzheimers or have it yourself (or if someone just explains what it means to you) then I doubt you'll get much out of the experience

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