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Weird but good music that youtube reccomends you

| for me, it's mass of the fermenting dregs and sewerslvt, what about you, gurls?

| I once got recommended tyler the creator, I didn't know anything about him, and I don't listen to this type of music, buuuuuut I kinda liked it

| I keep getting raccomended a dude called Master Boot Record. Not really my kind of stuff, but probably helps if you are an hacker or some stuff like that

| Feng Suave, really recommend him if you want some relaxing shit

| DJ Paypal - Flowers. this is a remix of a poppy uk garage song, but he makes usually footwork influenced music

| "Africa but it's Giant Steps". It's a masterpiece.

| A lot of Lyrical Lemonade produced music videos. Yeah, I like hip-hop, but that doesn't mean I like every single SoundCloud kid mumbling about bitches and drugs.

| mashup of Tachyon and I'm Blue

| I've getting recommended KFC Murder Chicks fuckin weird name but some of their shit is a real jam

| Clowncore

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This thread is permanently archived