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Owl City

| Never really listened to them before, but I started checking out some of their stuff recently, and it's really good! Despite the fact that I almost exclusively listen to rap, this is a good fucking vibe.

| >fireflies
that kinda futuristic 2010 clear skies optimist attitude vibe...

| >>711658
I, actually don't really like Fireflies. I know it's their most popular song and a meme and stuff, but like, it's not that good imo, and not the vibe I'm referring to.

| check the postal service. some would say that owl city is a blatant rip-off, but i find that pretty stupid.

maybe you don't find them similar at all, but i think max tundra has a similar style. it's an unlikely mix of synthpop + amiga 500 virtuosism + falsetto singing.

| >>711684
Hmm. Might check them out, but from that description it doesn't sound like I'd enjoy their music that much.

| Owl City is a bit too bright and synthish for me most of the time but when I vibe with them, I really vibe.

| >>711978
Yeah! Exactly. That vibe is the vibe I described vibing with.

| I've never really listened to Owl City, but my bf has kind of a crush on Adam Young and once asked me to find some Windsor Airlift stuff that Adam was a part of back in mid-2000's. I've listened to their album Qiu! and honestly it is some of the best shit I've ever heard. There are tracks that really hit close to home to the point where they make me tear up a bit. I highly recommend it.

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