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Best JRPG music?


| Chrono trigger has one of my favorite OSTs

| I'll be the guy to say persona 5

| Oh yeah, all of the persona games

| Sounds kinda generic but there's good OST pieces across all the Final Fantasy Tactics games with FFT Advance being my favorite.

| Resonance of Fate OST

| Octopath Traveler is just plain excellent

| Persona and Nier/NieR;Automata

| Older Trails games have excellent soundtrack. (They're all in spotify too!!!)

| SaGa Frontier 2 ost.
FF3 too.

| I thought Fire Emblem Awakening had particularly good music, and Xenoblade X

| Persona series only

| P5 is amazing and such a good vibe. I have a lot of love for the Xenoblade Chronicles X soundtrack though. It's absolutely amazing! Easily one of the best video game soundtracks out of all games and genres.
Chron Trigger also has amazing music, and Dragon Quest V is an honourable mention for me.

| Fire emblem blazing blade has alot of good tracks and summon night swordcraft story's ost is really good as well

| Chrono Cross
Chrono Trigger

all u need

| if P5 counts... >>708418

| Legend of Legaia

| Well, there's Bravely Default.
And also the Etrian Odyssey series. Or, well, anything by Yuzo Koshiro, actually.
I am Setsuna is a bit of a weird one, the OST is just all piano all the time, but it's still pretty good.

| Tales of Berseria

| >>711118
ToB music was pretty good, but ultimately it's kinda... forgettable, imo.

| Here to rep chrono trigger

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