Experimental music thread

| Do y'all have any good experimental album that you'd like to share? I'm really into experimental music these days and I ended up listening to a guy named Rei Harakami. After listening Red Curb and unrest i got pretty amazed (specially because he made this absolute banger in 98~2001), but he's already deceased and it's hard to find a place to comment this since i don't see many people that listen to this kind of downtempo

| Drowning in the Sewer. I just found out about it and the dnb/breaks drums give me a hit of nostalgia and depressed memories. The ambience from the synths is just spectacular, and the bass is so good. Wear proper headphones when listening to it. I'm recommending it to anyone who is willing to listen. If possible, listen to it in one sitting late at night. It just adds to the experience.

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