Need early 2000's late 90's or 80's jpop

| Yes I'm talkin about capsule, perfume, even coltemonika I require more early 2000's late 90's jpop. Or even early 2000's Kpop give me somethin nice.

| even 80's old stuff

| im super looking forward to the japan summer olympics 2020+1, i think that all music for the ceremonies is going to be produced by yasutaka nakata. i don't care about nintenshit tho

| >>703374
nevermind, i did some self fact check and couldn't find anything about ystk 2020, only the closing song for the 2016 olympics.

| Morning Musume - Love Machine

| >>cb349e 7 points to this guy song is pretty coo

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePv2_eSXwSE

ngl I just found this playlist and it's really good.
A lot of them are my favourites from 90s-early 00s as well like advantage Lucy, Instant Cytron, Yukari Fresh, Swinging Popsicles etc.
More recent ones like Soutaiseiriron are good as well.

| >>704247
*just found this playlist recently

| >>703450 that is NICE

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