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Getting into metal

| Screamo is still usually pretty lame to me, but whatever it is that Andrew Hulshult, Rings of Saturn, and Dance With The Dead are doing to their guitar sounds is something I'm totally into. So let's send/talk metal

| > screamo
> metal

| I've been looking for some new stuff too. I ended up trying out some black, brutal, and technical death. I ended up enjoying deathcrush by mayhem, none so vile by cryptopsy, and 1 song from infant annihilator. Pretty cool stuff

| Thanks that it's in /mu/ and not in /d/ xd

| Listen do the Doom 16 OST

| If you want to get into power metal may I humbly suggest Blind Guardian?

I'm not a fan of the guttural screeching vocal in most metal, so it's nice that they're mostly absent in power metal.

| If anyone hasn't listened to them yet, Gallows End is pretty good. Unfortunately they only have 1 album but it's what got me into metal a while back.

| >>701852 I should've mentioned that Gallows End is heavy metal my bad. Also Brocas Helm is another good heavy metal band. Defender of the Crown is a great album

| Considered more "synth metal" I guess, but I really like most of the music by Master Boot Record.

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This thread is permanently archived