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Vocaloid is dead

| And it will be remembered. What was the "Gold Era" in your opinion?

| "x is dead" is dead

| Mike is eternal

| >>86b51f I meant Miku. Gat damn auto correct.

| >>701429
Damn. I would simp for Mike the Eternal, not going to lie

| >>701429 even autocorrect killed her

| 2014ish 15ish maybe

| I am going to commit sudoku brb

| Its mainly dead I think cause we're all grown ups now idk. It's hard to listen to it nowadays for me anyways it's not even that I think is cringy or anything.

| "I don't consume X, therefore it's dead"

| The only songs i heard about vocaloid is how vocaloid is dead..

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This thread is permanently archived