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Songs to go through lovesickness

| Man i gotta start a thread like this, Dontmakemefallinlove and Bossa No Sé from Cuco and See you again from Tyler the creator really are something else while feeling lovesick, what are some songs you all listen to while feeling like that?

| Sujan Stevens cause im gay.

| Wasp - idol
Pantera - this love
GnR - november rain
Fleetwood Mac - Rumours, the entire album
Heart - crazy on you
Led Zeppelin - ramble on
Drudkh - songs of grief and solitude, the entire album
Foreigner - the entire first album
Van Halen - can't stop lovin you

| Koibito he / For Lovers album by Lamp. (Shibuya-kei/Jazz Pop)

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This thread is permanently archived