Hideki Naganuma necropost

| See the DJ Professor K tracks used in King for Another Day, and also DJ Professor K's SiIvaGunner radio stream and the album released for it (or search Jet Set Future on YouTube).

| >>697140 Original OP. Didn't know SilvaGunna streams. Will look up Prof K later.

| >>697155 Hopefully you'll enjoy it! It was enough that it made Hideki Naganuma make a bunch of tweets about it, if that's an indicator of anything.

There's even two remixes of Family Guy in the style of Naganuma there. One was even given credit to "Peter Griffin and the Sound Slaps" or something like that, and Naganuma tweeted about wanting to do a Family Guy remix and SiIva retweeted "DM us" so it may possibly be an official Naganuma family guy remix.

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