Need songs to have existential crysis to

| Looking for stuff along the vein of:
-Not Anymore/The Background World by NIN
-Speaking In Tongues by How To Destroy Angels
-The Way Ahead Feels Lonely by The Caretaker
-Chronological/Last Thought by Muddasheep
-Anything William Basinski made really

Can provide links if necessary, not surre how to use the board yet.

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=El7MXRDzp44
Those tend to be the ones I go to recently.

| i mean theyre nothing like what you were looking for but ill be damned if i read your post before i post myself

| Meet with me.. with me we can have existencional and personalities crisis every day "^^

| There is a Light that Never Goes Out by The Smiths
The album Deathconsciousness by Have a Nice Life
Take me Somewhere Nice by Mogwai

| Anything by Perturbator

| >>697088 especially new model, that album physically made me hurt the first time i listened to it

I'd suggest the album nomads by halo acid

| >>697069 Nice choices! Mogwai is epic. May I suggest Controlling Crowds from Archive? :)

| Demdike stare,Shackleton,Raime,Pessimist
Emptyset ,Vatican shadow,Lee gamble,Andy stott, Actress, monolake,Tropic of Cancer,Silent servant, Caterina barbieri, Suzanne Ciani, telefon Tel Aviv ,Tortoise,Vladislav delay,Phoenicia,Oval ,autechre ,Susuma yokota ,Colleen ,Pop ambient,Jan jelenik,Steve hauschildt,Board of Canada ,Delarosa & asora,Richard Devine ,Andrea Parker ,Nathan fake,Biosphere ,Pantha du prince ,Nate young,Objekt,kanding ray,Air, Visible cloaks, HTRK, deephcord

| https://open.spotify.com/track/12YZ7IDRFLstOQtMZj9U4U?si=ChQE41veQbKBYkacRZgxTg

| DyE - Fantasy

| Sewerslvt

| >>697754

| >>697931 sewerslvt's music is good tho

| >>697994 That doesn't make him any less of a disgusting degenerate with an axe wound. You better enjoy his music while it lasts, he's going to become a statistic one of these days.

| >>698031
in passing, suffering artists often make great pieces. unfortunately i don't think so of that particular one.

but, preferences

| >>698061 Mars Volta - Deloused in the Commatorium
Being meguca is suffering

| Shin Godzilla - who will know

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