Post Malone

| What do you think of his music?
Do you like his more mellow take on rap/hip-hop?
Do you think he's overhyped trash normiefag shit?
Why do you have those opinions?
Why am I making a thread about an artis that hasn't released anything in a year?
Because I've been listening to his shit lately and I want to talk about music.

| never listened to him and he looks like a shitty restaurabt's dishwasher but somehow still pulls more pussy than anyone on this board so fuck me i guess

| >>695800
He looks pretty scuffed, I have to agree. I kinda like that though tbh. I don't like when celebrities look, like, overly clean I guess. He's just some cunt who can make decent music and got lucky, and that's the whole vibe.

| i'm waiting for post-post malone

| >>695800
>fuck me i guess
hey gurl

| >>695936


| >>696019
lemme guess, other side of the globe

| >>696027

| Canoodler here

| Kevin Malone?

| >>696073
Ay! I'm not the one you were talking to, but that's not far.

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