Fav ps1 OSTs?

| I've really been digging Parasite Eve's OST lately, especially the precinct theme.

The ps1 soundacrd has that....that sound, ya know? What are some of your fav songs or soundtracks?

| Well I love the background music from many of the levels in Crash Bandicoot 2

| SaGa Frontier 2

| im not very well versed in ps1 but mgs and final fantasy have amazing music

| FF9.
Just listening to Dali's theme makes me tear from nostalgia

| >>8d3802 I didn't play ff9 until last year but it is amaaaaazing. The overworld music, the sailing. Hell yeah

| >>694789
Honestly FF6 through 9 all had banger OSTs

| i love the music from the wipeout games! parrappa the rapper and umjammer lammy are also top tier.

| >>694457
i'm curious about that ps1 soundcard thing. i thought most ps1 games music were cd audio tracks, not sound card synth like other consoles (thinking emoji)

| That one game from the era when Square had enough funding to do whatever the fuck they wanted.
It was a simpler time.

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