Favorite Va-11 Hall-A OSTs

| Mine are Umemoto, All Systems Go, Your Love is a Drug, and Every Day Is Night.

| Synthestitch will always be my number one.

Also really like Umemoto, March of the White Knights, Base of the Titans and A City That Never Sleeps

| Snowfall and Every Day is Night

| Neo Avatar

| All Systems Go and Snowfall hold a special place for me

| I was thinking about what tracks I like and every day is night immediately started playing in my head

so that's it I suppose

| >>6cc469
I'm gonna add that I always hella vibe on Drive me Wild


| every day is night, shine spark and and your love is a drug are my definite favories

| wow why am i not surprised to see a lot have every day is night as their favorite
truly goat

| A. Rene doesn't get enough love and that absolutely infuriates me. Bangin' intro, catchy middle section, a nice li'l breakdown, and one of - if not THE most orgasmic guitar solo on the whole album. Be damned if Your Love is a Drug didn't *wish* it had half the pomp and attitude of A. Rene in its tone.

And Base of the Titans, but mainly 'cause of that absolutely meaty intro.

| Your love is a drug is too good

| Every now and again, when I oughta zone out and work something through, Base of the Titans just has that driving line I can lose myself in. It just hits right

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