Danger/u/ Playlist

| https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCIe3tiKofqfMom1fKR6vJ8XTsOY4D9so

Playlist g/u/rl back at it again. I figure we should make this thread like a monthly thing or something. What new songs do you g/u/rls want to add to the playlist? Drop a song name in the replies, or add it yourself.

| Note: If you add it yourself, people will be able to see that your YouTube account added it, so be careful.

| Molchat Doma - na dne

| And also - awesome idea!

| >>693625 It's been added! This has actually been around for a while - I just haven't made a thread on it in a bit, haha.

| This Is M0st Disturbing - King for Another Day
The Accelerator - SUBHUMAN
Song of the Ancients (Fate) - NieR Gestalt/Replicant
Boss Battle - The Origami King
Fall Breaks - King for Another Day
Duvet (Instrumental) - The Race of a Thousand Camels

| whoops, meant Duvet (Acoustic)

| >>694101 Added! Let me know if I got the correct boss theme, I might not have... also, how the heck did we not have Duvet in there yet? Nice recs g/u/rl!

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