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Songs you listen to when you just wanna cry it out

| I need a good cry

| Try Helena by my chemical romance

| almost anything by aurora

| >>689621 oof. Half the world away? (〒īšã€’)

| I like to cry to songs that tell me it'll be okay, my go to is float on by modest mouse and California kids by weezer

| Beautiful in a nostalgic/longing kind of way: most of Idealism's albums but

Some songs that are just sad/raw:
Spanish Love Songs - Generation Loss
Mitski - most songs really, she's got a song for every sad emotion
Frank Iero and the Patience

| Medicine by Joji kind of a cheesy answer but it hits right

| Yakui the maid.
inb4: edgy kid

| I don't cry from songs.
I cry from my memories.

| Take me somewhere nice - mogwai, which is not purely sad, but... melancholic

| good riddance by darren corb

| Blonde, the whole album

| if we could just pretend by flatsound and go home by Julien baker

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oS0aF5svteE

| https://voca.ro/kRPxMnO2IIp

| happy birthday to you

| >>690974 i appreciate u recording a whole ass song gurl. More power to u

| Blackest Bile by Giles Corey

| The songs I have cried to include dragonforce and sports man by harry hosono.

| >>691787

| Landslide-fleetwood mac

| In A Silver Garden With You. Technically though it's not a song but a video game soundtrack.
It stirs a lot of emotions within me.

| Lovesong by The Cure

| for me, it's disintegration (the song) and closedown

| Taishi - Bluefield Creator
A beautiful one.


| Mostly russian doomer playlists

| Crawling in my skiiin~

No but seriously I haven't cried in years but as a teenager I remember Enya - Waterfall and that other piano song whateveritscalled.

| Megaherz - Augenblick

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This thread is permanently archived