music can make me feel so many emotions and i love it

| i've been having an issue with being a bit emotionally numb, but music makes me feel so many things. some songs make me happy, some sad, and some motivate me. if i haven't listened to a song in a while i get nostalgic. even if it was only like a year. i love the feelings i get when i listen to songs.

i love music :)

| do you have any recommendations? i'm in the mood for feeling stuff

| >>684581 personally, i don't really have a specific genre or song that makes me feel this way. it kinda just happens. but if you're curious as to what i listen to, it's primarily chiptune, alternative music, and chill lo fi beats to study/vibe/commit federal crimes to. lo fi stuff helps me concentrate idk

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CD7bxyzFbC4
you better fucking treasure it i hate sharing "deeper" stuff like this

| Hmm, you enjoy japan music, specifically anime?
Then listen to some songs from steins gate, black clover (black rover, amazing, paint it black)
Iris, life rude alpha, ali wild side, songs from minami, aimer
Japanese music does wonders for me, couldn't recommend it more

| >>684706
>Post number #684706, ID: 6fa750
| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CD7bxyzFbC4
>you better fucking treasure it i hate sharing "deeper" stuff like this
noooo not my heckin deeperino indierino nooo you can't share it noooo you better treasure it

| >>Post number #684706 oof this was amazing

| >>684742 >>684743
what the fuck is this

leave this site now

| >>684744
I'm new, trying to figure out

| >>684749
you should leave, especially seeing >>684742

we don't want your 4chan here

| >>684706
hey sorry i typed that earlier. it's just that maybe i didn't fully understand your comment but i guess your intentions were pure and you just wanted to share some music with our danger/mu/ frens.
i thought your reply was pretentious and cringe af but mine had some serious bad memeing issues, even missed a meme arrow for the url.
anyways sorry for the inconvenience. and check this track, found it on a spinee mix.

| >>684796
the reason why i was aggressive is that i am usually a really cold and walled-away person that doesn't share anything related to my deeper self. i have had moments where people treated my inner... "artism" as just "cool idea bro" and it really irritated me. it's like you poured the intensity of your soul into a grand painting and the local museum decides to display it in the toilets.
i'm used to a terse world so that's why i act like that

| >>684749 but I'm not from 4chan

| >>684800
don't worry that's like 100% valid. i unironically like 90s twee pop and i'm kind of embarassed about it.
but this is an anonymous textboard so don't be shy! and remember: sharing is caring.

| also correct me if i'm wrong but i think there are different reply intensity levels:
0: double arrow post number
1: quote all post content
2: copypaste whole reply whith id and everything and quote it
3: copypaste html source of the post and quote it

| >>684947 on this board there is only double arrow reply or double arrow reply plus>redtext quote
they're not really intensity levels, just different use cases
due to the site's visual design anything else can be too complicated.

I like music that makes me feel a little more hollow. The albums Panic Blooms by Black Moth Super Rainbow and System by Datach'i are very good at that. Pop by GAS is also good, but repetitive.

| Igorrr - Tout petit moineau

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