Thoughts on Nightcore?

| Is it really just high pitched normal music with some anime wallpaper in the video? If yes how could people like this?

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>how could people like this?

you cretin, how foolish of you to pose such an imbecilic question. I make nightcore, which if you didn’t know is hands down the hardest music genre to compose. HOW DARE YOU SAY I JUST CHANGE THE SPEED IN AUDACITY? For your information nightcore is more than that. You need to pick the most beautiful and fitting anime girl you can find for your song. So fuck off and never say I don’t have talent again shithead.

| >>54bffd I apologize from the deepest part of my heart if you feel hurt because of me but seriously... do something else! I acknowledge your hard work with the anime girl but c'mon... put a bit more effort in your work.

| Nightcore remixes used to be actual remixes. Then, it changed to just speeding the song up. I think it's related to the presence of a nightcore mod in osu!

| I make Nightcore too, I hit x2 speed on YouTube. You guys should try it too!

| Nightcore is low effort cancer music.

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| sounds awful and it's low effort it fucking sucks

| I like it, but not dig it that much.
Though has potential to make a trash song good.
Like I listened to undead nightcore and liked it, but when I heard original with lyrics, it ruined it for me

| Nightcore is just funny thing to rofl with your homies

| some songs just sound better in Nightcore, like I'm blue.

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