I need some dream pop tracks

| So anyone knows good dream pop bands or albums? I really like this genre, often with a lofi or even shoegaze crossovers. And I need something that I can turn on when I'm doing some work or just walking, something that I can enjoy without needing to listen to attentively

| Fade Into You by Mazzy Star. If you like that song, you'd probably like Happy, Roseblood, Flowers In December, and Blue Light. All really good dreampop shoegaze inspired tracks

| Well yeah, these songs sound like dream pop and are kinda relaxing, but it's not something I listen to usually. I like a bit more modern sound tbh. Japanese Heart Software is one of my fav music artists. Her songs are full of magic synth sound and it makes you fall in love with it. Cigarettes After Sex is also my option.
And some other dreampop bands I like at some point: Bedtime Television, Tokyo Tea Room, Vivienne Eastwood

| Plastic love

| If you mean Mariya Takeuchi's song, then I have it on my playlist xd. It's really good stuff and I've been listening to it continuously lately

| I didn't know there was a band called Japanese Heart Software. There's a great song with that name by Pia Fraus though

| if you want "modern" dream pop check planet 1999 from the pc music label. some say it's the blandest shit ever but they said the same about umru in 2017 and he's blowing up now.

some classics that every dreampooper should know are cocteau twins and beach house. i also like old m83 and meishi smile,but wouldn't call those dream pop.

| Long Dream by Fishmans https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3EKEwMXmXY

Dsco by Sweet Trip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjAk_ut6nW0

| its been a while for me, but off the top of my head: candy claws, plastic girl in closet, reptaliens, password:password, sobs, the radio dept (lesser matters is one of my goat albums), ether feels, pasteboard, youthmemory

| Candy claws and radio dept are both GREAT, gonna look into the others :)

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