I need relaxing guitar pieces

| For example: Last Train Home

| Alexandr Misko - Treasured Memory
Andy McKee - Dreamcatcher
Santo & Johnny - Sleepwalk
Buckethead - I LOVE MY PARENTS, Watching The Boats With My Dad, Wishing Well, Long Sal Bug

| Cadence and Cascade
Lady of the Dancing Water
Matte Kudasai

all by King Crimson

| Alice In Chains' Nutshell should be a fitting track. Lyrically moody, but the instrumentals are pretty relaxing or sorta "comfy," I suppose.
Fantastic picks. I'd add the last two parts of Peace, A Theme and An End, as well.

| glimmer (acoustic) and predawn (acoustic) both by covet. thanks by chon

| Estas Tonne

| https://youtu.be/EKuvHW1fxvM
Trust me on this one

| >>679924
I would add Islands' title track. It's pretty relaxing as well, but not an acoustic guitar piece.

Steve Howe is one of my favourite when it comes to acoustic pieces. This one is Mood for the Day from the album Fragile by Yes.

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