So, metal is no party music?

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75Mw8r5gW8E

Fuck me sidewards, this goes so hard. Fucking Trancecore and Hardstyle. And... a bit of Scooter, lol.

| This is literally shit. Go have done pantera rehab.

| Pretty decent track. I enjoyed, although I probably won't remember it or feel the need to visit it again.

| >>672592 Errr. You sure know that there are quite a few metal genre, right? Pantera ≠ Eskimo Callboy, lol. And also Pantera ain't THE holy grail of metal since there are so many genre. I'm more into melodic deathmetal, thank you.

>>672597 Glad you enjoyed it!

| (And yeah, EC ain't no melodic deathmetal, that's for skure. But it's a fun track I think!)

| Fun fact, I actually did revisit the track just now, but only because I genuinely couldn't remember the lyrics and it was frustrating me.

Upon review I still enjoyed it, but I do wonder how much of the enjoyment is just because of the cheesy fun video.

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