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Va11Ha11a Soundtrack

| are any of you gurls who use the danger/u/ app listening to the va11ha11a soundtracks while browsing the board?
i always do- i swear its a whole different vibe, makes browsing 100x more enjoyable for me. i know it sounds dumb but i feel a bit as if i were in the va11ha11a universe myself when listening to the osts while browsing

| i listen to va11halla's ost a lot. it's one of mt favorites, along with nier automata and donkey kong

| Garoad is god.

| I used to but it's broken rn unfort

| Listen to it mostly in car but not really with the app. Excellent stuff. However I am a little picky with the tracks i listen to as well.

| >>668693 ^

| Deep space waifu's ost is good too.

| If I'm on here- I'm absolutely using the cyberpunk bartending waifu simulator's soundtrack. Undoubtedly.

| >>668693

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This thread is permanently archived