Random harsh noise in poppy songs that give you chills

| Like KKB's Rest Stop and Only Acting
Got any recommendations?

| Go! Team's Thunder, Lightning, Strike has this vibe, sorta. The album itself is a nice mix of indie pop 'n rock, but the quality of it all sounds like it comes from a fuckin' Fisher Price recorder, so it comes off as fairly lo-fi.

But that's a stretch. In terms of like, actual harsh noise, I got nothing. Maybe Panchiko's DEATHMETAL if you're willing to count its original bitcrushed quality and transition from the title track to Stabilisers...?

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Nice recs, thanks!
Really loving the second one.

| anything by Dorian Electra or 100 Gecs would be good

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am i the only contrarian faggoy who thinks that goth gf era kero kero bonito was absolutely the worst? the new AOR revival toto - africa era looks pretty kino to me tbhon

| check search result by umru. it was controversial, a lot of pc music fans hated it for being different from other releases (same with planet 1999). i gave it another chance and it's a great pcmus release. my fave song is heat death

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Wouldn't say TnP is the worst, but the tracks are just hit and miss. For me, though, the good part comes in the second half of it with the closing tracks being my favourite. I just like to see them doing something new.

Bonito Generation is still their best, of course.

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Just found out that Panchiko got a really interesting backstory.
Anyways, thanks for the recs.

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>Just found out that Panchiko got a really interesting backstory.
Like you wouldn't believe. I was surprised as all hell when I found out some absolute heroes got together on Discord and dug through a bunch of profiles just to have a *chance* at finding the OG band members, which eventually led to the remaster.
...Though some people still prefer the bitrot version. /shrug

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